What’s Your Skin Type?

karen bare skin before with julian
Bare skin! Oh, hai!

I wish I could say that it’s normal and perfect, and I never have breakouts or itchy redness, ever, but alas…that’s not the case. If you can say that, though, congrats. You’re a unicorn!

I’ve got combo skin. It’s dry on my cheeks and around my nose and mouth, and you know what? It gets REALLY bad on windy days. Consequently, I freakin’ hate windy days, which happen all the dang time here in Novato. The wind is like a hydration-sucking vampire, and its bite makes my cheeks hurt like hell.

It’s also dry under my eyes and on my lids.

Now, my forehead, on the other paw, is oily, especially the area between my eyebrows, and also on my nose and my chin.

But that’s not all! My skin also likes to break out, so I use benzoyl peroxide daily.

So, yeah… That’s my skin type, for now. I’m sure it’ll change one of these years, and the oily areas will probably trade places with the dry areas, LOL!

How about you? What’s your skin type?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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