What’s Been Your Overall Experience With Temporary Press-On Nails?

imPress Gel Manicures in Night Fever

It’s been both good and bad, depending on the era, but they’ve gotten SO MUCH BETTER since I used them in the ’90s! Back then it was all about Lee Press On Nails, and all of my friends used them… I don’t know why, because they were terrible!

I tried ’em a couple times, and they never stayed put, never quite fit my nails correctly, and they looked super fake.

Fast forward to today, and I don’t know what technological advances have been made in the press-on nail industry since those janky Lee Press Ons, but now they’re actually really good.

I think the imPress press ons are truly great. You generally get more size, style and length options than you used to in the Lee days, so not just long talon-like French nails, which were the only option way back when.

Oh, and the glue?


It’s better by leaps and bounds, like it’s space glue or something that came from an advanced alien civilization. Now I can stick some nails on and even correct them if I need to, and they’ll last a few days, even through hand washing and showers.

I remember in high school doing my press-ons before my first class in the morning and having them fall off by lunch, LOL! They’re so much better now.

What’s been your experience with temporary press-on nails? Tell me the good, the bad, the ugly in the comments. ?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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