Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder 2017

estee lauder victoria beckaham 2017 blonde mink cheek creme top picBecks is baaaaaaack.

The following sentences must be sung to the tune of Wannabe by the Spice Girls:

So tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

Yo, I’ll tell you want I want, what I really, really want.

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I really, really, really want Victoria Beckham to do her own makeup line.

LOL! ?

But until then, she’s back! Victoria Beckham, previously known as Posh Spice, is back for round two with Estée Lauder, which means YAY for all of us who loved the heck out of the first collection she did with them last fall.

estee lauder victoria beckham 2017 eye kajal saphir vanilleFrom the left: Cheek Creme in Blonde Mink, Eye Kajal in Saphir Vanille and Skin Perfecting Powder

The new Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder is available now on counters and online, and it carries over some of the elements that made last year’s launch a hit with me, like the gold and black packaging (the outer part has a different pattern, though) and the overall luxe, weighty, good-heirloom-jewelry-like vibe.

The pieces look expensive…and they are expensive, so brace yourself for the sticker shock of an $85 pressed powder (!), a $60 cream blush and a $38 eyeliner, which would STILL be crazy town even if I won Super Lotto.

Obvs, Becks is going for the Tom Ford and Chanel customer.

I’m aggressively playing with three of the new pieces, and MAN! — that cream blush? But before we get to that, FYI, VB brought back some things from last year, like the Bitter Clove eyeshadow and Modern Mercury highlighter, which I loved then and still love now, so if you missed out on them last year or have an empty to replace, now’s yo’ chance.

estee lauder victoria beckham 2017 swatchesSwatches from the top: Skin Perfecting Powder, Cheek Creme in Blonde Mink, Eye Kajal in Saphir and Vanille

OK, now…about that warm peachy brown cream blush, which is the best $60 cream blush I’ve ever touched or tried, it officially goes by the name, “Cheek Creme in Blonde Mink,” and it’s supposed to look epic on everyone.

It just might.

First, it’s surprisingly long lasting. I’ll wear it for eight hours straight without a primer, a setting spray or any sort of powder under or on top of it, and I don’t notice any fading. That’s straight-up exceptional, and in that way it’s even better than the Chanel blush sticks I’m also obsessed with.

estee lauder victoria beckham 2017 kI’m wearing Blonde Mink Cheek Creme on my cheeks and the Saphir Kajal on my lash lines.

If you feel salty about the small pan, I understand, but for what it’s worth, it’s intensely concentrated and pigmented, so you won’t need to use much. Obviously, though, $60 for a single blush is bananas, but if there ever were a high-end cream blush to splurge on, this natural-looking wunderkind might be it. It’s my favorite of the three things I’ve tried from the launch.

estee lauder victoria beckham 2017 blonde mink cheek cremeI love this packaging but it kind of reminds me of dry skin, OMG!

I’ve also been using the $85 Skin Perfecting Powder, a transparent pressed powder with soft yellow undertones. Like the cheek cream, it only comes in one shade.

It feels fab and fine, almost like a silicone-based powder, and it doesn’t create a white cast, thanks to its yellow undertones. It also dramatically smooths pores and blurs my fine lines, but it doesn’t keep shine under control as well as, for instance, the $52 Chanel loose powder.

In some ways, I think it’s better than Chanel’s powder, though. Like, it doesn’t look as powdery, which I LOVE, because you can really pile it on without it being overly noticeable, but unless you have normal or dry skin, you might have some issues with shiny spots after a few hours.

estee lauder victoria beckham 2017 skin perfecting powderThe compact for the Skin Perfecting Powder looks like jewelry, yeah?

I was also seduced by the silky, creamy, potently pigmented dual-ended $38 Eye Kajal, which is sooo creamy — even creamier than a gel — but it scoots around. Mind you, this is Victoria Beckham we’re talking about, and she’s known for her smoky eyes, so this was probably designed to smudge, but it also transfers a lot. It goes up into my crease and scoots along my lower lash and water lines. On top of that, the pencil sharpener it comes with doesn’t work very well for me.

But the color? My, gosh! I’m using Saphir/Vanille, the one with the dark blue on one end and the beige on the other, and I think it’s AMAZING.

All told, I’m impressed, again.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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