Urban Decay Vice Metal Meets Matte Lipstick Palette for Holiday 2017

urban decay vice meets metal lip palette
That’s a whole lotta Vices…

Is it just me, or is something usually a little off about the lipsticks that come in LE lipstick palettes? Like they feel and work different than they would if they came in a tube? I dunno… Maybe something changes when they pour them into a pan instead of a bullet.

I know that a lot of makeup artists say that applying lipstick with a brush makes your lipstick last longer and look better, and OK, I see a little of that happening, but it’s not enough for me to want to whip out a lip brush every time I put on lipstick.

Except with this one! ? I’ll do it for Urban Decay’s new Vice Metal Meets Matte Lipstick Palette.

urban decay vice meets metal lip palette
Come closer, my pretty…

It’s $35, REALLY GOOD and available now with the 2017 holiday collection.

urban decay meets metal lipstick palette swatches
Banger, Amulet, CSB, Tame

There are 12 shades of UD Vice Lipstick in it, six of them new and six of them re-promotes from the permanent line, and the Vices, BTW, are basically the ish. They’re crazy creamy, super smooth and come in a fiesta of different finishes.

urban decay meets metal lipstick palette swatches
Banger, Amulet, CSB, Tame

And hey, now! — the ones in this palette work just as well as the ones in the tubes.

The six in the bottom row don’t have any shimmer or sparkle. They’re all either cream or matte finishes. And the six in the top row are their coordinating, sparklier cousins, i.e. the metallic/glittery versions of the shades in the bottom row.

OK, I still can’t believe how smooth these lipsticks look on my lips. They’re all super pigmented, and none of them look patchy.

Big Bang does look a little dicey sometimes… I don’t think it’s as smooth as the Big Bang that comes in a tube, but it’s the only one. In general the rest of these look lovely and work well. They feel fabulously creamy, don’t settle into my lip lines and don’t dry out my lips.

urban decay meets metal lipstick palette swatches
Mad, Spark, Shallow, 217

Also, the brush that comes with them is awesome! — which is weird, because I usually think that the little brushes that come with lip palettes are too small and awkward and never feel quite right. This one is telescopic, though, so it expands, so there’s some length to it, and it feels comfortable in my hand. The brush head is also a good width, and it’s nice and firm, so it applies perfectly.

urban decay vice meets metal lip palette
Lipstick is my vice…
urban decay vice meets metal lip palette packaging
Pretty in purple

The new shades are Banger, Fast Talk, Spark, CSB, Tame and Shallow. And the re-promotes are Amulet, Big Bang, Backtalk, Double Team, 714 and Mad.

This is by far the snazziest lip palette I’ve used in a loooong time. And I’m not a lip palette person. At all. But now I kinda am with this palette.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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