Unsung Makeup Heroes: Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Lip Love

urban decay lip love
The best lip balm!

I realize that I keep talking about this lip balm, but it’s THAT. GOOD. I’ve gotten to the point where I have tubes everywhere. I have one on my nightstand. I have one in my Kate Spade wristlet… I’m thinking now that I also need to keep one in my car.

It’s Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Lip Love, and it’s $15, which, you know, is more expensive than something you can get from the drugstore for less than five bucks, but it’s really, really, really comfy and moisturizing.

Oh, my goodness! I barely even feel it. It’s a little slippery, but it’s not thick or heavy or sticky. And because it isn’t too thick, the balm also lays well underneath lipsticks and lipglosses, so it’s great for prepping your lips before color.

I realized just how much I truly love it after I swatched a whole bunch of lipsticks last week, and my lips felt like I’d been making out with a bag of broken glass afterward. Lip Love basically rescued my lips from flaky oblivion and restored them to their previously smooooove state.

What’s an unsung makeup hero? For me, it’s an oftentimes underrated makeup morsel, a permanent collection product that scoots under the radar screen of many makeup lovers but regularly rocks my world. The long-running Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorites.

I’ve read that some folks find the flavor to be a turnoff. I don’t mind it so much… I actually kind like it. It’s a little bit coconut and shea butter, which is good because it has both shea butter and coconut oil in it, and for the most part I think it’s nondescript.

Before Lip Love, I was hardcore into the Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm, which I still love, but it’s in a pot, and I don’t like putting my finger into it, especially when I’m outside of the house and touching things.

Lip Love comes in a convenient tube, which just makes everything easier. Oh, and I was also hardcore into the Hourglass Lip Oil, which I still adore…but it’s super expensive ($42). This is 15 bucks, so it’s still a treat. It’s about the price of a pan of eyeshadow, but it’s something I can use every day.

It might be weird to be so into a lip balm, but I’m LIVING FOR THIS. Off to go grab another one for my car…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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