ulta hair haul

If you happen to be on the lookout for a new dentist, might I suggest finding one with an office in close proximity to an Ulta? Because, and I say this from personal experience, you will never miss another cleaning if you can simultaneously promise yourself that you can go to Ulta afterwards. LOL!

This celebratory hair haul happened this week because — woo-hoo! TMI moment ahead — my gums are in grrrrrrreat shape. My pockets are all twos and threes, with nary a deep pocket in sight.

Hence, the aforementioned victory lap around Ulta, and this much-needed hair haul!

First, the backstory… I went to put my hair up before work the other day and realized that most of my black ties and bobby pins were gone.

SERIOUSLY, where do they go?

(Does anybody actually look as cute as this girl on “The Fit Girl Club” headbands packaging when they work out? Because I look much, much scarier than she does when I drop down to do burpies…)

scuni fit girl club

Anyway, I’m stoked about these bungee elastics because I read somewhere that one of my favorite hair stylists and makeup artists, Britt Sully, loves them for creating unfussy, casual cool-girl hair.

kitsch bungee elastics

Also, I really hope these no-snag elastics do what they’re supposed to do, because I’ve been wearing Dutch braids quite often lately, and the elastics I’ve been using (I think they’re by Goody) keep breaking on me, and I pull hair out every time I remove them.

kitsch no snag elastics

Really, how long do you think it’ll take before I lose these black hair ties? Honest question.

I give ‘em about six months before it’s “Welcome to the abyss!”

scuni ponytail elastic-thick hair

Last, but not least, I grabbed a bottle of this silicone-free Beauty & Planet Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Radical Refresher Conditioner to use as a co-wash…

I used it last night after I got home from HIIT class. The tree kinda felt tingly on my scalp (but not in a painful way), which I liked, and today my hair feels wonderfully clean, bouncy and light.

I’m into it!

beauty planet tea tree oil vetiver conditioner

beauty planet tea tree oil vetiver conditioner

beauty planet tea tree oil vetiver conditioner

So, back to that other question… Do you have any idea where all the black hair ties go?! I think they end up in a parallel dimension, and when we lose one in this world, our Doppelganger finds them in the mirror world…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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