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The new MAC Art Library: Nude Model Palette ($48)

There’s a long list of lovely neutral eyeshadow palettes out there in the makeup multiverse, but when it comes to the best of the best, maaaaaaan, MAC? *snaps* When they get it right, they get it right. They write the freaking book.

Cases in point: Brooke Shields. (I still drool a little every time I think about it.); the Nordstrom Naturals palette; and the Warm Neutral and Cool Neutral Palettes.


And now, the new MAC Art Library: Nude Model palette.

It’s $48 and one of three eye palettes available now in the new MAC Art Library collection. I think it’s the most wearable of the bunch with its 12 neutral shades, but that’s just one of many reasons I’m lovin’ on it.

With it, you get a mix of old faves (hi, Shroom and Espresso!) and new ones, but the real beauty is that there are so, SO. MANY. MATTES.

Seven of them! When does that ever happen?! Um, never?

The rest are shimmers, none of which are too obnoxious, with various levels of shine and glitter.

mac art library nude model swatches
I’m an NC42, by the way.

All the Art Library palettes were pieced together by MAC artists, and you can totally tell the these gals/guys had wearability and flexibility in mind.

Making matters even more profoundly wonderful is how easy all 12 are to blend. Plus, there aren’t any orange-y or reddish brown transition colors, which is quite unusual. Most of the MAC neutral palettes I mentioned at the top have at least one warm, mid-toned orange brown transition shade like Saddle or Soft Brown, and don’t get me wrong — I love those shades, but they can be a tad repetitive, particularly in neutral palettes.

Bucking that trend, Nude Model’s mid-toned matte transitions are yellowish browns and cool-toned beige grays, which you don’t see often, and it changes the palette’s overall vibe. It can’t be characterized as a simple warm-toned palette or a cool one. It’s smack dab in the middle. A neutral’s neutral, so to speak.

mac art library nude model k
Oh, hey! Eyes: MAC Art Library Nude Model Eyeshadows in Sandstone, Shroom, Tete-A-Tint, Espresso and Drop the Robe. Lips: MAC Art Library Lipstick in Down to An Art. Cheeks: MAC Melba Blush

Nude Model also has gorgeous touches of cool pink and plum — yet another thing that sets it apart from previous MAC neutral palettes (or, the greatest hits, as I like to think of them).

The shadows wear fantastically well without primer, by the way. Let me tell ya, I’ve been skipping primer lately (SERIOUSLY, WHO AM I?), and it has changed my life. Amazing what skipping one step can do for you. I just don’t need it (most of the time). But yeah, I plop a few Nude Model shades on my bare lids, blend a little, line a little, and I’m always kinda shocked how much is still on my lids when I go to remove my makeup at the end of the day.

Like, all of it. These shadows just stay.

mac art library nude model palette
So artsy!

Really, this is a library I wanna live in. All the time. Just me and my sleeping bag.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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