The Nail Polish Club

the nail polish club
$2 a hand!!!

The fires are slowly but surely being contained, and the air has cleared up enough to go for walks again. We went for one on Monday evening and found a sign advertising a new neighborhood business…

For The Nail Polish Club!

Two dollars a hand… That’s a TOTAL bargain compared to the local nail place I usually go to, and it’s great if you’re, say, right-handed and can only paint the nails on your left hand decently. If you only need help painting the nails on one hand, you can call The Nail Polish Club, and they’ll assist you for just TWO BUCKS!

Oh, they also do nail art. It’s 50 cents for add-ons like glitter, stickers or flowers-slash-dots.

What I love most is the specificity of the sign. They’re available for clients on Tuesdays, and each appointment is 30 minutes. ?

Seriously, though, too cute! Connor and I wanna join.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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