dhc deep cleansing oil
Now you can find this bad girl at Ulta!

You, guys! Note to self: The best makeup removing cleansing oil — DHC Deep Cleansing Oil; I’ve been using it for years! — is on sale for 50% off tomorrow at Ulta.


Ulta is in the midst of their “21 Days of Beauty” sale event, and it’s the only sale I set alerts for this month in Google Calendar.

I can’t even count how many DHC bottles I’ve gone through, and it’s an all-the-way-down-to-the-last-drop thing. Very rich, and very moisturizing, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is designed for all skin types, but it’s a TREASURE for my dry skinned peeps.

The main ingredient is olive oil…

Yup, that’s right: olive oil. And it feels like a really expensive olive oil, too.

It also smells a little like olive oil, but I like it. (Don’t worry; your face won’t smell like salad dressing.)

This stuff gently, but very effectively, melts makeup — including waterproof mascara, long-wearing liner and liquid lipstick. Basically, if something is stuck to your face in any capacity and you massage Deep Cleansing Oil on it, whatever it is will slip away.

It does this without drying out my cheeks, making my chin break out, or clouding up my eyes (my pet peeve!). I use one pump, which I apply directly to my face while it’s dry, and then massage away. Then I rinse with water and followup with a second cleanser (usually a foam or a cream), because I’m all about that double cleanse life.

A big 6.7-oz. bottle of Deep Cleansing Oil, which comes with a pump and lasts me a few months, is usually $28, but with the half-off sale tomorrow you can snag one for just $14.

Unfortunately, this is an online-only sale, so you won’t be able to stroll into Ulta to pick it up… Maybe this is a good thing, though, because that way you won’t be tempted to grab anything else? Glass half full, people.

Ask Siri to remind you, write it on a Post-it, do what you need to do, ’cause tomorrow is the day!

My homies are at HomeGoods

If you want to watch roving gangs of wide-eyed women buzzing from the high of buying a faux wooden ladder (which you can’t actually climb but can hang blankets, towels and whatnot on), then go to a HomeGoods store opening.

The closest HomeGoods store to us is about 10 miles away in San Rafael, and it reopened yesterday after closing last winter when heavy rains made the roof caved in.

Seriously, y’all, I was tempted to stake out a corner and live there for the rest of my days… Like a mad hamster in her wheel, I circled the store with my cart for 90 minutes (!) in a euphoric haze brought on by affordable home furnishings and rustic signs decorated with weathered white paint.

When I finally walked out, El Hub and Connor were waiting just outside the doors. “I was afraid I’d never leave!” I said, and heard several women behind me laughing very loudly. I guess they felt the same way, too.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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