So…I have a thing for Keanu Reeves.

I would say that I’ve been mildly obsessed with him for quite some time, and I still entertain the possibility that Keanu and I will be married someday (don’t tell El Hub!).

I’ve believed this since roughly 1993.


But, yeah.

Despite the fact that, technically, I’m married, with a cat and a toddler, I still believe that people will address me someday as “Mrs. Keanu Reeves.”

Of course, El Hub just rolls his eyes when I talk about this, but I can also say that if El Hub had to duel with Keanu (or Viggo Mortensen) for my hand in marriage, El Hub would be OK about losing to Keanu. He would be all, “Well…at least it was Keanu.”

Just call me Mrs. Reeves…

I’ve been thinking a lot about him lately (Keanu), because he has a new movie out that I want to see called Replicas.

It’s supposed to be pretty bad, though…

Wait — Keanu Reeves is in a bad movie?! HA HA HA! Yeah, he’s been in a few stinkers, but people still hella love him, myself included.

I’ve been Googling him and reminiscing… One, he’s very easy on the eyes, even with a beard, and I’m not into beards at all (too scratchy), but Keanu with a beard? I could live with that.


Also, he’s supposedly an avid reader (we could talk about books!), generous and very polite, which, you know, is probably a combination of good PR, the truth, Hollywood mythology and a pinch of Internet rumor, but Google’s cup runneth over with stories about Keanu doing nice things for strangers.

Also again, I like how “Keanu and Karen” sounds. Cute, right? 😊

My favorite Keanus are Keanu Reeves in 1) Speed, which forever changed how I felt about guys in SWAT gear, and 2) Keanu in Paula Abdul’s Rush Rush video.

Girl, do yourself a favor and get thee “a favorite Keanu” if you haven’t already!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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