Swatches of the MAC Liptensity Lip Pencils, Available Now in the MAC Permanent Line

mac liptensity lip liner swatches
The new MAC Liptensity Lip Liners

You’d think that I, as a Greek mythology enthusiast, would already know the correct pronunciation of the word “Dionysus,” which is one of the shades in the new (and now available in the MAC permanent line) MAC Liptensity Lip Pencils.

Is it dee-oh-NIGH-sus or dee-AHHH-nah-sees?

I’ve heard it both ways.

One day I’ll figure it out! (Or, maybe one of you guys will tell me, ha! ? That’s why I love the Internet.)

Fun fact: I actually thought about naming Connor Claire “Artemis,” after Artemis of the Wildland/Mistress of Animals/Goddess of the Hunt.

Ooh! Or “Nike,” after the Goddess of Victory (and not the massive international mega brand).

Like the MAC Liptensity Lipsticks, these lip pencils are new additions to the MAC permanent line, and they’re like soft, creamy, super skinny lipsticks.

mac liptensity lipstick swatches october 2017
See the angled tip?

Incidentally, several of these have matching partners in the complementary Liptensity Lipstick line, like Stallion, Galaxy Grey, Marsala, Dionysus, Habanero, Double Fudge, and Toast and Butter.

Even though, technically, these are liners, I like using the brighter ones, like Cut Ruby (SO GORGEOUS), as lipsticks, because they’re so easy to maneuver around my natural lip line.

Generally, the darker shades work well as lipsticks, too, except for Hellebore, which is quite patchy.

Speaking of patchiness…I also have trouble with Art District, which is one of the nudes. It takes a lot of layering and patting to even it out when I use it to fill in my lips, but it gets the job done as a straight-up liner (as does Hellebore).

mac liptensity lip pencil swatches 4
Habanero, All Dressed Up, Marsala, Royally Flushed
mac liptensity lip pencil swatches 4
Double Fudge, Dionysus, Fire Roasted, Hellebore, Stallion, La Sultana, Stallion
mac liptensity lip pencil swatches 2
Galaxy Grey, Enoki, Art District, Cut Ruby
mac liptensity lip pencil swatches 2
Honey Pecan, Fresh Clay, Pressed Blooms, Toast and Butter

Another thing about these, since they are very soft and creamy, they might not always travel well. In fact, a couple of them broke on me right at the base when I opened them (All Dressed Up and Double Fudge), so hold on to your receipt… I’m just sayin’.

If you want to give them a closer look, the MAC Liptensity Lip Pencils are $21 each, and you can find them now in the permanent line.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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