Swatches of All 22 MAC Liptensity Lipsticks, and a Quick NorCal Fire Update

mac liptensity swatches
The 22 MAC Liptensity Lipsticks, swatched.

The fires are still raging in Sonoma and Napa. It’s still bad up there, and it’s pretty smoky here, but it isn’t terribly windy right now, which is one small blessing. Hopefully it stays that way for another day or two, and then maybe some of the fires can be contained. We just keep checking the county fire alerts, being ready, and trying to stay positive.

Speaking of staying positive…Liptensity! ? After swatching all 22 of the MAC Liptensity Lipsticks, which, by the way, are now available in the MAC permanent line, my lips were stained a magnificent magenta color that lasted — no joke! — a day and a half.

The pigment is that serious.

More importantly (at least to me), I’m pretty sure that one of the colors, Clouds in My Coffee, is a shout-out to Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain.

“I had some dreams. They were clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee, and…you’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you…”

I guess 2016’s limited edition Liptensity collection did pretty well, because the Liptensities are permanent now. Nine of the shades are new, and 13 are re-promotes.

The MAC Liptensity Lipsticks (now permanent)

  • The re-promotes: Driftwood, Smoked Almond, Toast and Butter, Dionysus, Habanero, Fireworks, Marsala, Mulling Spices, Cordovan, Galaxy Grey, Double Fudge, Ambrosial and Stallion
  • And the new shades: Clouds in My Coffee, Well Bred Brown, Ginger Rose, Brick Dust, Bite O’ Georgia, King Salmon, Fire Roasted, Beetroot and Noblesse

It’s been a minute since the last time I wore any of these, and this swatch sesh reignited my affection for them again. Not only are they preternaturally pigmented, but they don’t settle into my lip lines. At all.

The thing is, though, they’re so intense that you have basically zero room for error when you use them. Applying one of the dark or bright shades straight from the tube is kinda tough because they don’t have a pointed tip like regular MAC lipsticks do, and that makes it difficult to follow your lip contours, especially in the outer corners.

For what it’s worth, a few of the shades have matching Liptensity Lip Pencils (I’ll post swatches of the pencils on Monday).

I applied a single layer straight from the tube for each of these, which is how I usually apply lipstick, and one layer of Liptensity lasts me about three hours, or until I have something to nibble or drink.

mac liptensity lipstick-swatches-3-final
Clockwise from the upper left: Bite o’ Georgia, King Salmon, Habanero, Fireworks
mac liptensity lipstick-swatches-2-final
Smoked Almond, Toast and Butter, Dionysus and Brick Dust
mac liptensity lipstick swatches
Fire Roasted, Marsala, Cordovan and Mulling Spices
mac liptensity lipstick swatches
Galaxy Grey, Ambrosial, Noblesse, Stallion, Double Fudge, Beetroot
mac liptensity lipstick-swatches-1-final
Clouds in My Coffeee, Well Bred Brown, Driftwood, Ginger Rose

Each of these lippies is $21, and you can find them now at MAC counters and online.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. tgif, right??

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