Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 554

Angel Tabs

Stories From the Rainbow Bridge

Dear fans, friends and felines,

As I sit here upon my sun-dappled cloud, which is conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from the Rainbow Bridge, I would like to confirm something for my feline friends on earth: Yes, Heaven is all that and a bag of catnip.

Been here for a couple weeks now, and you know, it’s pretty cool. The other kitties have made me feel most welcome, and it’s so nice hanging out with Karl again.

(That’s Karl Lagerfeld, in case you missed the reference.)

He misses Choupette dearly, and I try to comfort him as much as I can.

Speaking of comfort, I’ve sent my assistant… It’s weird to say that in the present tense, since technically she’s no longer assisting me, but I still feel like she’s here with me.

Anyway, sidetracked.

I’ve sent my assistant some signs. Lord knows if she’s gotten them. I have peeked over the edge of my cloud, though, and I’ve seen her looking up at the sky, eyes glistening with a smile on her face.

It’s hard to tell if she misses me or if she just has allergies. I’d like to think it’s the former…

Angel kitty on the rainbow bridge

So, I realize I’ve only been here for a hot second, but there’s already gossip around the heavenly water cooler. The other kitties have been buzzing about some cat named Grumpy? I don’t know who she is, but apparently she’s famous. Maybe she was a reality TV star. I don’t know.

Before I go, I’m sure you’re wondering what the food situation is like, because that was my first thought when I rolled up. Well, in a word: purrfection. Like, there’s unlimited tuna juice!

No, seriously, there’s a fountain that just sprays tuna juice, and it’s barely two steps away from my cloud. Oh, and someone comes by three times a day to deliver the perfect ratio of wet food to gravy. Plus, if I get a hankering for turkey slices in the middle of the night, they magically show up!

(I must have done something right in my former life as a kitty model on earth.)

Basically, I’m having a good time up here, but I miss you all deeply, which is why I’m writing this letter. I’ll keep you abreast of the goings-on, and if you want me to say hello to your furry friends, leave me a note. I’ll be sure to pass the message along.

Love to you always,


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