Today was a pretty low key patrol around the office perimeter. Tabs primarily supervised his junior assistant while she created a chalk art installment in the main foyer.

Tabs can be a real taskmaster sometimes, but he didn’t even have to draw his claws once. His assistant followed every order to a T. As Tabs has pointed out before, she’s got a lot of potential in this career if she chooses to work her way up to chief pet assistant.

Harris has been coming around again, and Tabs suspects that he’s trying to woo away his junior assistant.

That would be a serious breach of protocol in the kitty modeling field, and would also violate the company’s non-compete agreement.

Since his assistant did such a great job with the art installment, Tabs even had time to grab a quick nap.

He woke up refreshed and raring to go for an impromptu photo session.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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