It’s halftime in the big game, and Tabs’s team is down 3 to nothing. The Rams really aren’t looking great so far, and Tabs is having a tough time with it. Being a former football player, he has strong opinions about what the Rams are doing wrong. He keeps yelling “Meow! Mrrow!” at the TV, which, loosely translated, means “Give it to Gurley!”

While El Hub, Connor and I watch the game here in Hawaii, Tabs and his pet sitter threw their own Super Bowl party back at the home office.

Tabs would have come along on this trip, but he was just in Hawaii last October, and he wasn’t in the mood to deal with the humidity and his fur…

Ah, but the Super Bowl always bring back memories for Tabs… He loved his days in the CFL (Cat Football League) as a professional cat football player.

It’s still just the third quarter in the game, so hopefully the Rams can pull it off. Fingers and tails crossed!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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