Set Your Concealer With Powder LIKE RIGHT NOW

nars concealer and powderLock that concealer down ASAP

I got a message from the makeup goddesses the other day. Do you wanna hear it? Well, you’re gonna have to, even if you don’t want to, because it’s CCI (Crucial Concealer Info).

Here it is: when you’re working with concealers…or doing just about anything else in life, timing is everything. With concealer, I’m talking about the timing of when you apply setting powder to it.

Because it’s gotta happen right away, and I mean immediately after you’ve done that last pat, blend and whatever. Right at that moment, grab a brush, and dust your setting powder on top with a quickness, girl!

It’s like when you find a good cat… You gotta lock that ish down right away. I did it with Tabs, and I usually do it with my concealer, buuuuuut I didn’t do it that way the other day.

I was putting on my face in the morning, and, as you know, I have a pimple (I keep talking about him because he’s basically been running my life for the past month or so). His name is Julian, and he’s a lovely shade of dark purple now, so I’ve been color-correcting him with an orange lip pencil, of all things.

Anyway, I did the color corrector, set it with powder, then applied a liquid concealer on top. Now, normally I would have immediately set it with a powder at that point, but I got distracted and started doing other things.

When I went back to the mirror five minutes later, the orange color corrector had bled through, and I ended up with a big orange spot on my chin.


That never, ever happens when I set my concealer with a powder right away.

The whole timing thing also applies to under-eye concealer, too. If you really want it to stay in place, have your setting powder ready so you can quickly dust a sheer layer on top. This stops it from creeping into fine lines and whatnot.

Thanks, makeup goddesses, for the gentle reminder. ? I totally got the memo. Don’t dilly-dally!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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