Saturday Surfing: October 21st, 2017

You know you’re a rebel when you take your coffee in a teacup.


I get a lot of questions about this Cat Whiskers cup and saucer set by Roy Kirkham, which I got at Homegoods, I believe (although it might have been Marshalls).

I’m doing something called “dessert for breakfast” this morning…

(It’s a thing.)

Well…I’m making it a thing if it isn’t already. (I’m sure it is.)

The other night I made a delightful apple crisp for dessert, thanks to this cooking site I recently found called Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.

It’s got, like, apples, oatmeal, butter, brown sugar, and it’s so tasty and breakfast-y that I’m going to also deem it appropriate for the first meal of the day.

Mmm… *makes crunching noises* Sorry, I get caught up in my food. (It happens!)

In other news, I’m still trying to decide if I want to dress up for Halloween. Connor Claire and Tabs will, of course (of course), but I myself haven’t been feeling it, man. Some years, I’m totally in the mood to dress up, but this whole month has been off kilter… It’s mostly because of the Sonoma and Napa fires, which are, for the most part, now under control (HURRAY!). We ended up getting a little rain yesterday, and it really helped.

I’m finally starting to feel playful again, so I dunno… I feel like you need to feel super playful to do Halloween right.

We’ll see… I plan to think it over today during my nap.

Yup, that’s how we do it here at MBB. ?

I also hope to get in some high-intensity couch reading, and if that’s also something on your agenda, here are some stories that caught my eye this week…

So, dessert for breakfast. Who’s with me? ? And what’ll you have? (Someone please say chocolate cake.)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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