Saturday Surfing: October 14th, 2017

Not far beyond those hills…

The dawn has been different every day this week. The bright, buttery sunlight that usually streams through my office windows most mornings has been an angry, oppressive sour gray tinged with red, and I can’t lie… It’s been terrifying.

The Sonoma and Napa fires keep inching closer. This whole part of California is all dry hills and trees, but we aren’t in any immediate danger.

El Hub and I were making our “just in case” plans the other night, like what we’d do if the winds picked up again like they did last Sunday night, when they blew across these hills at 50mph, which happens pretty often here in fall. The gas tanks have been filled, bottled water ready, clothes, devices are kept at or near 100% charged, and my family in the East Bay is staying ready in case we have to drive out there in the middle of the night for an evacuation.

Late Wednesday night, El Hub woke up at 2 smelling strong smoke inside the house. He said it was even a little hard to breathe, so he thought that another fire had started nearby. He walked around the neighborhood in the dark for an hour looking for signs of fire, but it was just that a slight shift in the wind had brought more of the smoke down from Napa and Sonoma.

I’m sorry, friend. I hope this isn’t bumming you out. I usually like to start Saturday Surfing on a cheerful note, but this has been on my mind lately, and it’s not a one-day thing. The worry wears on you. Everyone I’ve run into here in the North Bay has been on edge this week, myself included. I actually just heard a whole mess of loud sirens go by, which has been happening constantly for days, and my palms started sweating. “Does that mean there’s something close??” My mind is racing. “Sh*t, I’m still in my pajamas. Where’s Tabs?? I’ll have to strap the baby into her carrier first, then pop Tabs in his carrier… I hope he doesn’t fight me. Gotta grab the papers! The hard drives! Oh, no, where are my keys??”

Anyway, it’s been like that for days.

I’ve been trying to stick to my routines and do my work while reminding myself that stuff is only stuff — material things that can be replaced — but when you’re sitting in your office at noon but it’s dark like dusk outside and smells like the inside of a chimney, it’s hard to concentrate. The danger feels real and present, so all of this stuff is in my head…

I’m trying, though. Trying to stay busy and keep living life as usual, because what else can you do? And that’s why we’re doing Saturday Surfing right now. ?

Samantha is the cutest, and her reviews are THOROUGH. I especially like this video of drugstore dupes for high-end makeup!

I always learn something new from MAC Senior Artist Cher Webb. Her style is glam but totally doable.

I don’t mean to get too emo, but if you feel safe and steady this weekend, and you’re surrounded by people you care about, please cherish it, my friend. Love you. Have a good weekend.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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