Saturday Surfing: November 4th, 2017

I’m looking for new glasses, dude.

I went to Costco a few days ago to buy a few more boxes of my contact lenses, because, in true to Karen fashion, my prescription was about to expire, because I left it to the day before the expiration date to restock…

Anywho, since I was already in the optical department, I decided to try on some frames.

Girl! – when did all of the frames at Costco get fancy embellishments on the sides? Like, you’ve got the front part that goes over your eyes, and then you’ve got the — I don’t know the technical word for them, but I want to call them arms. They’re the part that goes along the sides of your head and behind your ears. The last time I bought a pair of glasses was a looong time ago (coming up on 10 years), and I don’t recall that little area being such a popular location for decorative accouterments.

It seemed like every pair I saw at Costco had at least some sort of brand logo on the side, or weird gems, or a pattern or crazy color.

Am I alone in wanting a pair of glasses that aren’t too fussy? I mean, I get the allure of glasses being jewelry for your face, but I like mine on the simple side. I dunno… I don’t want them to compete with my makeup.

I use my glasses for distance — driving, watching movies at the theater, that kind of thing. I don’t need them for reading (yet).

Speaking of reading, here are some of the stories that caught my eye this week.

I want to check out more frames this weekend. I know there’s a Len’s Crafters at the mall, so I might swing by to see if there’s anything cute.

I’ve considered using a service like Warby Parker, but I also like the idea of getting them from someplace local where it’s easy to get them adjusted if there’s an issue, ya know?

If you wear glasses, where do you usually get them? Are you happy with the ones you have now? Inquiring minds want to know. ?

Have an excellent weekend, my fabulous friend.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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