karen and tabs dear tabby tee
Best friends forever

“Meow” and happy Caturday! Shout-out to my 🐱❤️ kitty love, my number one, my “eldest child,” forever and ever my darling, Tabs the cat, because I know he’s going to need some extra TLC today, because it’s Connor Claire’s third 🎂 birthday. They get extremely jealous of each other, as many siblings do, so whenever she gets a little more attention, he acts out. So someone’s getting extra gravy and lurvies this morning.

I got up early this morning to finish some last-minute birthday prep things, namely putting the finishing touches on the annual birthday lasagna, picking up the cake, getting some balloons, frosting some gluten-free cupcakes, and carrying this cat around like a newborn baby so he can have the reassurance he needs, LOL! #dontjudgeimacatladytoo

Now, please enjoy your weekend beauty (and cat) reading…

If I could, I’d dress and do my hair like Gwen Stefani’s character in this video 24/7. I ❤️ the makeup and the styling so much.

Another old fave…

And now, a new fave!

Need to try this ASAP. Also, isn’t the lighting in this video gorgeous?

If ya want, I’ll save a treat for you. Would you rather have a slice of the strawberry birthday shortcake, or one of the gluten-free vanilla muffins?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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