Hello and happy Caturday!!! If you ever need shelter from the metaphorical storm, might I suggest Marshalls? — because every time I go there, I find so many cute kitty-themed things.

I went a couple days ago, and these blank kitty cards were soooo tempting, but I already have an entire drawer filled with cat steno that I need to work my way through…

I also really wanted the kitty toothbrush holder at the top, but I passed because it had a slight chip in one ear. 🙁

Oh, and then there were these cute jars, too…

Ah, so much cuteness! I might go back later today so see if any of these are still there, but I’m not holding out hope because you know how Marshalls is. If you snooze, you lose! You can literally turn around, and something you just saw on the shelf a minute ago will have disappeared.

But I digress…

Breakfast. It’s calling me, and I need to take care of that, so while I go do that, here’s some light reading to keep you occupied.

Um, where is this train and how can I get on it?

British movie stars discuss which American accent is the hardest

You know I’m all about that chunky braid life.

How’s it going on your end of the keyboard this weekend? 😊

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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