Good morning, friend! I hope you’re doing well on this lovely Caturday. Short and sweet Saturday Surfing today (and for the squeamish, absolutely no mention of poop…other than this sentence) because it’s sunny 🌞 here right meow, and I need to get some vitamin D.

It’s absolutely necessary for me to function properly — allergies be damned! I’m a little sniffly, but you know what? The sun’s out, so the fun-bun’s coming out as well.

Um…no, my buns aren’t hanging out. 🙄 But my hair bun is!

Now for your weekly dose of reading…

A dermatologist’s entire routine

Note to self: Try one of these low buns to avoid spontaneously chopping my hair off in the middle of the night.

Change my life, why don’t you?!

I love how this kid dances while she plays.

I hope the weather’s nice and you’re doing something fun today. If you’re headed outside, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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