Ravenous for Red Lipstick: BECCA Hot Tamale

becca hot tamale swatch
Hey, hot stuff!

Valentine’s Day 💖 is here, so this is a purr-fect time to celebrate that most sanguine of seductresses — scarlet! The Ravenous for Red Lipstick series features the crimsons I’m currently cuckoo for.

Happy Valentine’s Day, babe! I hope that you and Ryan Gosling are having a lovely celebration of your eternal commitment to each other.

Ya know, I’ve been told I have a spicy 🌶️ personality, but when it comes to hot and spicy food, my heat 🔥 tolerance level is negative 10. The spice must flow…but not into my food, thanks.

I do love a a hot red lipstick, though, like BECCA Hot Tamale! It’s the same color as a ghost pepper (or, in my case, a sweet red bell pepper).

becca hot tamale swatch
BECCA Hot Tamale

Just so you know, this lipstick does not taste like a hot tamale.

  • Who would like it? Anyone who can work reds with orange undertones and own that ish like they invented it, OK?
  • What’s it similar to? MAC Lady Danger, but with a semi-matte finish instead of a matte one — so, more like a MAC Amplified lipstick finish (I’d call them sorority sisters).
  • What else should you know? It’s $24 and available at the usual BECCA haunts, including Ulta and Sephora. It has a 4-hour wear time, too, and moves me to song (specifically D’Angelo) because it tastes and smells like brown sugar, babe.

I gets high off your love, I don’t know how to behave.

Are you doing anything for Valentine’s Day, by the way? I’ve got a cold (SURPRISE), so we’re gonna do a family Valentine’s Day with take-out tonight.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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