Random Picture Polish swatches

You know when you get a text message from someone, and you read it, and then you forget about. And I mean forget about it for several days or a a week. Then when you remember it’s all weird and awkward about whether it’s too late to reply. That’s kind of how I feel about these swatch photos.
These swatch photos were again done last year. All just before I had my motorcycle accident. Which totally messed up my entire blogging schedule. I’ve seriously got to get on top of my draft blog posts. I currently have 18, and that’s after I merged all these Picture Polish swatches into one post.  
So I’m just going to jump straight into swatches, cause these polishes have all be around for ages now. There are already plenty of swatches out there, but here are mine.






Maybe now I can update my Picture Polish colour guide a bit, argh, but that means coding some stuff up and I just can’t be bothered at the moment.

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