Product Spotlight: Wander Beauty Mile High Club Mascara

wander beauty mile high club smoky 5
For crazy curl!

Quick take: This marvelously easy-to-use mascara lengthens, lifts and holds a curl almost all the way up to the stratosphere. It’s also practically waterproof (even though it isn’t alleged to be).

Wander Beauty just gets me, man. It’s like they have a camera into my soul! They know that I usually only have 10 minutes a day to do my makeup, so every nanosecond of that 10 minutes counts, and every moment is so precious and beloved and luxurious to me that I’ve become obnoxiously picky about the products I use. I literally have no more time for nonsense.

The days when I would bust out three different mascaras to do a single look are long gone. Now I’m all about one tube — ONE TUBE TO RULE THEM ALL! — and that’s what I’ve found with Wander Beauty’s New Mile High Club Mascara ($26).

It has since replaced the It Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara I was loving on for a minute, and the reason is because it isn’t finicky at all. Like, I can just pull it out of the tube, plop it on, and I get even better results that I get from Superhero — lighter-than-air lift, longer lashes and darker, richer pigment — all without having to deal with any drama.

My lashes also look fuller, since Mile High combs each hair out so precisely that it looks like I have more lashes than I actually do. Two coats, and they’re full and fanned.

wander beauty mile high mascara
Two coats of Mile High on my upper and lower lashes!

FYI: If you’re in the pursuit of pure volume, then Mile High might not be enough for you. It does thicken lashes reasonably well, but not as dramatically as YSL Faux Cils or MAC In Extra Dimension Waterproof.

I’ve been tooling around town in the rain for the past couple weeks, and even though Mile High isn’t considered “waterproof,” I never see any smudges or smears.

It’s $26, which I know seems a little expensive, but here’s the thing: This mascara does it all for me. I no longer “need” (“airquotes”) a $24 mascara primer for curl hold and length, and then another $30 mascara for volume, and then yet another $16 product for my bottom lashes (yes, I really used to do this).

I get it all from one tube, which is awesome!

Your thoughts on Boden?

I got this catalog in the mail a few days ago from a British brand called Boden. They have a lot of cute clothes, especially dresses, and specialty sizing, too, like petites. They look like LOFT and Ann Taylor, but slightly edgier.

I’m tempted to buy this cute jersey dress with a lipstick print (you know I’m a sucker for a cute lip print), but I have absolutely no idea what the quality is like.

Have you ever ordered from them before? I’m very curious. Let me know if the clothes hold up!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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