Product Shout-Out: BECCA Lilac Geode Shimmering Skin Perfector Powder

becca lilac geodeLilac attack!

Normally, I would have no business wearing a purple highlighter. I’ll leave that to the club kids who wanna channel their inner unicorn, because lilac highlights are kind of unicorn makeup, right?

Not as hardcore unicorn as rainbow stripe highlights on your cheeks, but still…majorly unicorn-y.

But BECCA Lilac Geode Shimmering Skin Perfector surprised me.

OK, first of all, and I’ll be the first person to admit this, but this swatch is totally lame.

becca lilac geode swatchThe camera doesn’t pick up the purple flash, but it’s there, though!

This is one of those products that looks SO much better in person, which is why you’ve gotta check it out next time you’re at a BECCA counter. Swatch that ish, girl, then head for the nearest window in the store, or, if you can, walk outside, and move your arm around in the light and let the sun bounce off your skin. At the right angles, subtle flashes of lavender will dazzle Lilac Geode’s warm pink.

becca lilac geodeSomething different in the sea of golden highlighters…

It’s like those eyeshadows that have an iridescent flash, except super toned down.

I love it. It’s fun and different, and now that I think about it, you can probably also use this as a lid color. I’ve done it before with BECCA highlighters. Just pat them on your lids with a finger, sweep a little bronzer or your favorite brown shadow in the crease, curl your lashes, and boom-boom-boom — done.

Lilac Geode is $38 and limited edition, and it’s at BECCA counters and online now.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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