MONROE, La. (KNOE) – A Monroe business owner was injured from an explosion.

It happened at Cloyd’s Beauty School on Ferrand Street on Thursday afternoon.

According to the victim’s daughter, someone placed a pressure cooker in a trash can on the property and the pressure cooker exploded.

The owner of Cloyd’s was injured in the explosion and was taken to the hospital for treatment, according to his daughter. She believes the explosion was an accident.

Monroe PD described the victim’s injuries as minor.

KNOE talked to one of the school’s students who described the incident.

“The owner was actually out there beside the trash can. It was on fire and they said he had thrown some boxes on top of it and it just exploded. So it burned him a little bit and then, whenever the fire trucks came, we were looking back out there and we saw that they had pulled out what looked like a crockpot out of it and we heard that there was some kind of spray cans in there as well,” she said.

Monroe Police, Louisiana State Police, and the FBI are on scene investigating. The FBI is on the scene to determine exactly what happened.

People inside the school are safe, police say.

No other injuries have been reported.

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