BOSTON and PORTOLA VALLEY, Calif., April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Orig3n, a Boston-based company pioneering the future of wellness and health through genetics and biotechnology, and Codex Beauty, a Silicon Valley-based company producing performance-driven skincare with sustainable, plant-based preservatives and airless packaging, today announced a partnership that will enable consumers to better understand how genetics affect their skin, and maximize ingredients that support their health.

Orig3n’s “Beauty” genetic test analyzes genes that scientific research has found to be associated with various skin attributes such as dryness, flakiness, fine lines, wrinkles, inflammation, acne, thinning of the skin and loss of elasticity, as well as sensitivity to sun and pollution exposure . Together, Codex and Orig3n are building a database that tracks the impact of specific cosmetic ingredients on genes tied to these skin properties. By combining the information from their unique genetic profile with this ingredients database, consumers will be empowered when making decisions about their skincare regimens.

“For those consumers using a trial-and-error approach to beauty, our ingredient database will provide valuable insights about their skincare products and through genetic testing, map those to each individual’s needs,” said Robin Y. Smith, CEO of Orig3n. “Consumers will be able to choose from the exceptional products offered by Codex and other brands, based on previously unavailable ingredients data that are tied to their genetics and biology. We’re incredibly excited to be working collaboratively with Codex Beauty to close the decision loop for consumers. Leveraging the power of genetic testing, and the scientific research conducted by Codex Beauty, we hope to provide consumers with the optimal results that they are searching for.”

“We are very excited to offer consumers new insights into their individual skincare needs through DNA testing. Beauty consumers will be able to better match ingredient functionality with their personal needs, in order to achieve more effective regimens. Codex will continue to develop future products based on tests that are available on the Orig3n beauty platform, in order to provide a complete set of solutions for consumers of all ages and skin types.”

About Orig3n

Orig3n exists at the intersection of biological science and emerging technology, on a mission to revolutionize the future of medicine. As part of its mission to democratize access to genetic information, Orig3n provides consumers direct, affordable access to information about their lifestyle-related genes, thereby empowering people to make educated, proactive and personalized lifestyle choices that may impact their well-being. Orig3n also invests in breakthrough cell therapy programs by utilizing cutting-edge cellular science to develop personalized therapies for repairing tissue damage and treating disease. Since its inception in 2014, Orig3n has built the largest suite of direct-to-consumer genetic tests on the market, and the world’s most comprehensive cell bank for commercial regenerative medicine applications. For more information, visit

About Codex Beauty

Codex Beauty is a global skincare innovator seeking to introduce products with proven performance and targeted results, utilizing a novel food-grade preservations system, and carbon-footprint-reducing airless, sugarcane-based packaging. Codex believes that constant innovation, refinement, and improvement are essential to transformative skincare. To that end, Codex Beauty is always in search of new skincare discoveries and technical breakthroughs. For more information, visit

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