On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (and Purple)

igk-girls-club-mac pinklight strobe cream becca pink hazeIt’s a pink hump day party with IGK Girls Club Color Spray, MAC Pinklite Strobe Cream and BECCA Pink Haze Soft Blurring Powder.

In the wise words of the Mean Girls movie, “On Wednesdays we wear pink,” and whoops! — sometimes purple, thanks to this temporary hair color spray by IGK, Girls Club ($19), which looks more like purple in my hair.

igk girls clubI call this pose “Purple-haired girl gazes out window.”

I like it, though. It smells like too-sweet bubblegum, and I have to use about half a can before the color really comes through, but I still think it’s fun, especially on mornings when the thought of covering my salt-and-pepper roots with regular ol’ root spray (I use the one by Rita Hazan) is just waaaaaay too depressing.

Even though I have to use a lot, so it’s not something I’ll do every day (because it’s $19), I think it’s better than most of the temporary hair color sprays I’ve used. It doesn’t make my hair feel crunchy (YAY!), and it’s easy to wash out.

OH, EM GEE, change my world, why don’t you?! BECCA Pink Haze Soft Blurring Powder ($38) is a loose makeup setting powder with a sheer pearly pink tint, and it subtly brightens your face, but you can’t, like, really tell when you first put it on. It takes 10-15 minutes before it seems to settle on then skin. Then you can see the subtle soft pink pearl reflecting in the light.

becca pink hazeI’m wearing a 50/50 blend of MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC 42 and MAC Pinklite Strobe Cream on my face. The lipstick is MAC Patisserie, and the blush is Neutrogena Skin in Vibrant.

This powder looks amazing in pics, but it looks more amazing in real life, because the blurring effect is UNREAL. I’m serious, it’s not playin’ around. I know it’s cliche, but I’m saying it anyway: Instagram filter.

mac pinklight strobe cream becca pink hazeMAC Pinklite Strobe Cream and BECCA Pink HazeSoft Light Blurring Powder

Hello, old-school fave! ? MAC Pinklite Strobe Cream ($33) is just the original MAC Strobe Cream with a different name, and I’ve been wearing and loving that pearly pink glow for years.

It fell off my radar for a while, but I rediscovered it again. I like it on bare skin, but I love the way it looks mixed with equal parts foundation or BB cream.

It has a similarly subtle, glowing opalescent effect as BECCA Pink Haze Powder.

Here’s to pink (and purple) Wednesdays, friend.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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