NARS Man Ray for NARS Holiday 2017 Color Collection: Fetishized and Intensely Blush

nars fetishized blushFetishized

Is it 1983? Am I in a Duran Duran video (OMG, I WISH!)? Fetishized and Intensely are totally worthy of stylish ’80s video dudes, which says a lot. Simon Le Bon would be raiding John Taylor’s makeup bag, and Simon would be all, “Hey, can I borrow your bright NARS blush?” And John would say, “The reddish coral one? Sure. You should try layering it with the tangerine one. Grab that too, and while you’re at it, could you please hand me my fuchsia lipstick?”

nars intensely blushIntensely

I gotta have blush that applies smoothly, and both of these totally do. They’re from the NARS Man Ray Holiday color collection, and they pack POW.

The really intense coral-red one that looks like a ruby red grapefruit is called Fetishized, and the bright matte tangerine one is Intensely. They look almost tropical, don’t they? Almost summery? — which is surprising for a holiday/winter look, but not surprising, at the same time, since the Man Ray color collection is all around bright, pigmented and joyful.

nars intensely and fetishized blush swatchesIntensely and Fetishized swatches!

I tell my friends all the time that you don’t need to be scared of bright colors. You don’t! I mean, yeah, OK, you can go crazy and draw zebra stripes down the sides of your face if you want to time travel back to the ’80s, sure. Lawd knows I’m tempted to, especially when I wear either of these blushes with Off Limits, the fuchsia lipgloss from the collection.

Oh, my gosh… There’s something about a bright cheek and a glittery fuchsia gloss together that totally reads 1985 to me, and I mean that in the best possible way.

nars fetishized blushFetishized on my cheeks and Off Limits on my lipsnars intensely blushIntensely on the apples o’ my cheeks, and Zambeze on my lips

Anyways, what I was trying to say is that these brights *can* look totally natural. For these pics, after doing one layer using a light touch, I cleaned off my blush brush with a paper towel, loaded the brush with a small amount of face powder, then gently ran that across the tops of my cheeks.

The face powder mixes with the blush and fades it out a little, creating a natural-looking flush (or, as natural-looking as you can get when you’re wearing bright reddish coral on your cheeks!).

Fetishized and Intensely are $30 each and available starting today, along with the rest of the NARS Man Ray Holiday 2017 collection, at NARS boutiques and the NARS website.

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