Mwah! Kisses From the MAC Snow Ball Collection Lipsticks

mac snow ball lipsticks
MAC Snow Ball Lipsticks from the left: Warm Ice, I’m Glistening, Holiday Crush, Shimmer & Spice, Rouge En Snow and Elle Belle ($17.50)

Oh, ’90s vibes. I’m sitting here feeling them wash over me — wave after crashing wave! — and I’m this close to grabbing the darkest plum lip liner I can find and outlining the edges of my lips, and then filling them in with one of the frosty lipsticks from the new MAC Snow Ball collection, because there is frost galore.

Of course I’d leave the lip liner unblended…

I know! I’M A MONSTER. But that’s what ya did back in the day. Makeup trends are crazy, dudes!

Four of the six MAC Snow Ball lipsticks, which are $17.50 each, are frosty, and they go all out. And no, you absolutely don’t have to do the dark liner/no blending thing, but if you wanna do legit late ’90s lips, that’s the way to go. Don’t shoot the messenger.

mac snow ball lip swatches
Warm Ice, I’m Glistening, Holiday Crush, Shimmer & Spice, Rouge En Snow, Elle Belle

Depending on the level of pigmentation of your lips, the four frosts will either look very distinctive, or very similar. My lips are pigmented, and I can’t see that much of a difference between the three light pink frosts (Warm Ice, I’m Glistening and Holiday Crush). I think the most distinctive of the frosts is Shimmer & Spice, which is a glittery bronzed rose and the deepest color of the bunch.

I wore Shimmer & Spice the other day and loved seeing the multicolored glitter bits sparkle in the light (don’t worry, the glitter’s dainty, so it looks expensive). I also liked how the frost finish didn’t seem to emphasize my lip lines, although my lips did feel pretty thirsty by the end of the day. They didn’t quite hit flake status, which was good, but I definitely felt the need to smear a thick layer of Urban Decay Lip Love all over them after I removed all of my makeup.

OK! There are also two non-frosty lipstick shades in Snow Ball, and they’re both reds. Rouge En Snow is a bright, festive matte apple red, which seems pretty neutral because it doesn’t skew overly warm or cool. It’s like right smack dab in the middle between warm orange-red MAC Dangerous and cool blue red Ruby Woo. It’s smooth and doesn’t catch on my flakes, and the pigment isn’t playing around.

Warm Ice, I’m Glistening, Holiday Crush, Shimmer & Spice, Rouge En Snow, Elle Belle

The deeper brownish red, Elle Belle, is from the Amplified family, which is MAC’s turned-up line of pigmented creamy lipsticks. It likes to move, so if you rub your lips a lot like I do, keep dark red liner nearby. I would do something like burgundy Dionysus from the new Lip Tensity Lip Pencil collection or deep brownish red MAC Mahogany.

I gotta admit that I’m deeply in love with the packaging, and that’s one of the main reasons I want to carry these around!

mac snow ball lipstick packaging
So pretty!

The MAC Snow Ball collection is out on counters and online now, and it’ll be around until November 30th.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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