Makeup Organizers at Marshalls

Don’t sleep on these finds at Marshalls…

Cute makeup organizers at Marshalls! From a practical standpoint, if any of these were to actually make a difference in my makeup collection, they’d have to be the size of wine barrels, ha ha ha! But they’re still cute nonetheless.

If you’re a hardcore makeup hoarder like I am, you could keep the jars on your desk or vanity, and swap out the items in them every week or two. That way you’d always have different makeup rotating through your collection. 😉

I have a tendency to put some things in a big bag and just grab out of that because it’s convenient, but I think if I had some cute jars like these I’d be more inclined to wear a wider variety of things from my collection…if they were easier to get to, ya know?

eyes glitz glam wake up make up
Sold separately, but would make a cute set
Maybe keep your favorite brushes in them? Or everything you need for 10-minute looks?

Of course, you can always get creative and use makeup-themed (or cat-themed) mugs to store your stuff!

Super cute!
cat mug marshalls front
Dear Cat Ladies, Marshalls has your back!
When you can’t escape cat butts, even on your mugs

I swear, my Marshalls obsession has been next-level lately! Ever since the roof collapsed on the HomeGoods by me, Marshalls has been like the siren song of the sea.

By the way, remember the pink cat toothbrush holder I mentioned a few weeks ago? It was still there! I assumed this was a sign from the retail gods that it was meant for me, so I got it for a cool clearance price of $3.99, woo-hoo!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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