MAC X Nicki Minaj Collection: 9 Nude Lip Combos to Try

mac nicki minaj lip combosNude. Lip. Love.

Of the multitude of ways to refer to a booty/buttocks/bum/butt, derrière is my fave.

Derrière, daaaaahling! DAIRY AIR.

That’s classy.

There’s a lipstick in the MAC X Nicki Minaj collection called Derrière, which I take to be a celebration of Nicki’s famous backside, and why not celebrate it?! I think it deserves a parade.

BOOTY ALERT!!! For reals, my HIIT instructor plays this song in class sometimes, and it always cracks me up!

Nicki’s new booty-rockin’ limited edition collection of nude lipsticks, lip pencils and Lipglasses is available now with lots of love for #TEAMNUDELIPS.

There are SO MANY ways to work nude lips into cool combos, and here are nine ideas.

Note: If you happen to not be a member of #TEAMNUDELIPS, oh! Please come here. I have to try to convince you, but where do I start?? There are warm pink nudes, neutral pinks, peachy pinks, beige-pinks, AND THOSE ARE JUST THE PINKS. There are also peachy nudes, nude browns and… So many possibilities! The pics below just barely scratch the surface of the nude lip iceberg, but I hope they give you one or two impulses. ?

1. Boldly Bare Lip Pencil + Japanese Maple Lipstick + N-U-D-E Lipglass

6 mac nicki minaj boldly bare japanese maple nudeBoldly Bare Lip Pencil, Japanese Maple Lipstick and N-U-D-E Lipglass

2. Cork Lip Pencil + Derrière Lipstick + Beaux Lipglass

5 mac nicki minaj cork derrier beauxCork Lip Pencil, Derriere Lipstick and Beaux Lipglass

3. Edge to Edge Lip Pencil + Playing Koi Lipstick + Please Me Lipglass

4 mac nicki minaj edge to edge playing koi please meEdge to Edge Lip Pencil, Playing Koi Lipstick and Please Me Lipglass

4. Edge to Edge Lip Pencil + Nicki’s Nude Lipstick + N-U-D-E Lipglass

8 mac nicki minaj edge to edge nickis nude nudeEdge to Edge Lip Pencil, Nicki’s Nude Lipstic and N-U-D-E Lipglass

5. Hover Lip Pencil + Easy Babe Lipstick + Beaux Lipglass

2 mac nicki minaj hover easy babe beauxHover Lip Pencil, Easy Babe Lipstick and Beaux Lipglass

6. Soar Lip Pencil + MMMMMM Lipstick + N-U-D-E Lipglass

1 mac nicki minaj soar mmmmmm nudeSoar Lip Pencil, MMMMMM Lipstick and N-U-D-E Lipglass

7. Stripdown Lip Pencil + A Girl’s Got Needs Lipstick + Beaux Lipglass

9 mac nicki minaj stripdown a girls got needs beauxStripdown Lip Pencil, A Girl’s Got Needs Lipstick and Beaux Lipglass

8. Whirl Lip Pencil + Among the Fireflies Lipstick + Spite Lipglass

7 mac nicki minaj whirl among the fireflies spiteWhirl Lip Pencil, Among the Fireflies Lipstick and Spite Lipglass

9. Subculture Lip Pencil + Stripped Lipstick + Spice Lipglass

3 mac nicki minaj subculture stripped spiceSubculture Lip Pencil, Stripped Lipstick and Spice Lipglass

What’s your favorite nude lip combo now? Do you have one?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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