MAC Snow Ball Eye Compact/Gold

mac snow ball eye compact gold

I learned two shocking factoids — absolutely shocking! — related to vision and eyes in the last week, and the first is that you’re supposed to replace your contact lens cases every three months in order to avoid getting an eye-borne bacterial infection (I saw it in a random video about contacts that someone posted on Facebook).

Were you already aware of this? Because I had no idea. Apparently, I’m disgusting, because I usually keep my cases until I lose a cap, OMG!

Also mind blowing: the MAC Snow Ball Eye Compacts, ’cause they’re shockingly good.

Unlike the majority of the MAC holiday palettes I’ve seen over the past something-number of years, most of which have been passable, but not really memorable, the two in this year’s Snow Ball holiday collection are downright memorably great.

The first is called Rose Gold, and it’s my favorite of the two, but the other one, Gold, is no slouch either. I just think it’s maybe a smidgen less epic than Rose Gold…but we’ll come back to that in two swishes of a tabby’s tail.

Either way, with both of them, the quality is there, and I’m all for it!

mac snow ball eye compact gold
MAC Snow Ball Eye Compact/Gold ($29.50)

Like the Rose Gold Compact, the Gold one is $29.50 and comes with six powder eyeshadows. Two of the shadows are flashy, glittery Dazzleshadows (there’s a white gold and a yellow gold), and other four are powder shadows in MAC’s regular eyeshadow formula (a satiny nude peach; a mid-tone satiny brown; a matte charcoal; and a sparkly, glittery grayish black that isn’t quite as sparkly as the two Dazzleshadows).

mac snow ball eye compact gold
This eye look would work with most lip colors, but I bet it would look super cool with nudes, pinks and reds.

The Gold one is much more neutral and less pink than the Rose Gold one, and I think it’s generally more wearable. I’ve worn it on top of MAC’s fabulous Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base and haven’t experienced any skipping, patchiness or fallout during application, and the shadows keep going and going and going, so the wear time? Good stuff.

mac snow ball eye compact gold swatches
Come through, shimmer

Although I think the shadows in the Gold one could work well on many more skin tones than the shadows in the Rose Gold one, you’d almost definitely have to incorporate something like MAC Soba or Cork as a transition color, because if you look at how the Gold palette is arranged, on one side you’ve got all of your lighter shadows, and all of your darker shadows on the other, but there aren’t really any colors in the middle to bridge transition between them.

Having something to bridge the gap between the lighter and the darker shadows is practically a necessity, and that’s where golden brown Soba and/or Cork could help.

mac snow ball eye compact gold
Just the whisper of a kitten flick (I layered both of the black shadows in the palette)

If you’d prefer to streamline and don’t want to add anything else into the mix, the Gold compact would be a good option for simple eye looks. I might use the nude peach in the crease, one of the gold glitters on my lids, and then line my lash lines with either the brown or one of the black shades. Super easy and not fussy at all!

mac snow ball eye compact gold
It looks like it should have chocolate inside, doesn’t it?

In case you’re feeling it, Gold is a limited edition holiday palette, so you might want to snap it up sooner rather than later. It’s at MAC counters and online right now.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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