Kisnou ミュージック Escape

"Escape" I’m truly alone yet I like it,
Yet realising such is what makes it hurt so.
Oh so, my God, this hurts.

Left in the dark, of a world drawn undone,
My head and my heart, are nothing as one.

One of those things that shakes you, fractures you,
as you take it in silence, in awe.

Leaving you with nothing in the heart nor mind,
no beat, no words, just consciousness.

But conscious stands tall.
You wake as that absent beat grows ever so faint.
Blood pulses through, a slow but steady and ever so assured revival.

Freshly fallen leaves, sun beating down on the settled snow.
Senses tingle back into your broken limbs. You stand.

Stand among this harrowed boulevard of forgotten people,
My time is not yet. Not yet.

Music by Kisnou

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