Just Like Jason Momoa, I Love Scrunchies!

Shaka that scrunchie, brah!

I don’t simply have one scrunchie on my desk right now. I have two! — and yet despite this, I totally get why they have a bad rap, because if you grew up in the ’80s, there’s a good chance you rocked a scrunchie, and you probably rocked it hard.

Then the ’90s came along, though, and everyone became too cool for scrunchies. They turned into a big joke in the hair world, like “Ewww! She’s wearing a scrunchie.

But you know what? I’ve never forsaken the scrunchie. The scrunchie and I have been ride or die since day one, and the evidence is currently on my desk, on my wrist, and in my hair.

Look, if scrunchies are good enough for Jason Momoa, they’re good enough for the general population. Props to him for matching his scrunchie with his outfit like I did in sixth grade circa 1987, but please, Jason Momoa, if you’re reading this, I DID IT FIRST. 😂 *hair flip*


I’ve always loved scrunchies because they don’t leave that funny dent in your hair after you’ve had them in for a while, unlike your standard issue elastics. They don’t pull your hair out or give you headaches, either!

YOU CAN ALSO GET THEM TO MATCH YOUR OUTFIT. Mostly, I just think they’re really cute. I love that they’re floofy and look like ruffles. Um, sure, they aren’t terribly effective if you’re running or jumping. There’s no chance in hades that a scrunchie will stay in my hair if I’m working out or doing anything vigorously, but other than that, I’m 100% TEAM PRO SCRUNCHIE, always and forever. 😊

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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