It’s Shine Time for Lids With Tom Ford’s Sleek, Wet-Looking $36 Eye Gloss

tom ford eye gloss
Lids: New $36 Tom Ford Eye Gloss; Lips: NARS Give It Up Powermatte Lip Pigment

FACT: if you thought this was a new lip gloss…

tom ford eye gloss
Shiny, non-sticky and lots of fun

…you aren’t the only one. I actually put it on my lips at first (whoops) and, FYI, it is a pretty good clear lip gloss (unofficially), but it’s even better on your eyes.

It’s comfy, clear, shiny and non-sticky (yay!). It’s Tom Ford’s new $36 Eye Gloss, and it’s part of the new Eyes of Tom Ford collection available now.

The release also includes the new Private Shadow eyeshadow singles (30 shades, $36 each), three mascaras (Spike, Shutter and Fullscreen, $45 each) and two new shades of Eye Kohl Intense liner (White Smoke and Tourmaline, $36 each).

Tom’s Eye Gloss is a lot like Rouge Bunny Rouge’s awesome Smithereens of Stars, which is really the only other super comfortable clear gloss I’ve found that I can wear for long periods of time.

Like RBR’s Eye Gloss, Tom’s is lightweight and resilient, and it doesn’t scoot around on my lids or creep into my lash lines. So, your tight line and mascara won’t smudge. Also, when you blink your eyes, you won’t feel the gloss sticking to your crease.

For me, RBR’s clear eye gloss had been the gold standard for years, but TF’s may have it beat. I think it’s just as comfy, and the shine lasts even longer.

RBR’s eye gloss slowly fades into a soft, reflective sheen, which I also like, but TF’s looks wet all day long, so you don’t have to retouch halfway through the day.

Basically, I’m feelin’ it!

tom ford eye gloss
The flocked applicator makes it easy to apply to your lids.

I like to pair dewy, clear lids with bright lips and dramatic lashes. I think it’s a lot of visual bang for your buck, but if you’re feeling adventurous, drawing in some wicked sharp winged liner is one way to take things up a notch.

You can also layer clear eye gloss on top of eyeshadow, but if you do, expect your lids to get progressively more rock ‘n’ roll (a.k.a. messy) throughout the day.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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