I Finally Bought a Couch!

Hey, so I bought a couch. It only took five or six 15 years.

I feel like I’ve been talking about wanting a new couch for an inordinate amount of time (I guess I have furniture commitment issues), but I finally went there, and it arrived last Saturday.

I know it’s just a thing, but that thing is gloriously comfortable. The second the delivery dudes peace’d out, I plunked down on it for five minutes, but those five minutes spiraled into six hours and a full season of Girls.

Sh*t, man, that couch is comfortable.

It’s the PB Comfort Slipcovered 3-piece L-shaped sectional with English arms from Pottery Barn, and apparently those English arms are a THING. I didn’t know they were a thing until I ordered the couch two months ago, and speaking of the ordering, there’s a whole story to that, but first, what are English arms?

Well, in case you’re as equally home decor-challenged as I am, English arms are slightly curved, and I guess they have a more traditional vibe than square arms… Who knew?!

It took took me a long time to realize that what I wanted was a slipcovered couch, but that’s not the main reason I bought it. I bought it because the price was crazy reduced.

It was during a sale about two months ago, and I don’t know if this particular fabric, Sunbrella Performance Herringbone in Tweed Gray, was being discontinued, or if there was some kind of inventory error, but for some reason this particular style was only $795, while it’s listed on the Pottery Barn website right now for $5,945 (!).

Even at the reduced price, I still didn’t want to jump in without seeing the fabric in person, so I went to the nearest Pottery Barn store and ended up ordering with the help of a sales associate named Tatina, who said that in all the time she’s worked there, she’d never seen a piece of full-size furniture at that price, and basically she was just like, “Karen, you HAVE to get this couch. You can’t even buy a chair from Pottery Barn for that price.”

Sunbrella fabric

I learned about Sunbrella here in the MBB comments! Someone mentioned that it’s supposed to be great for families with kids and pets because it’s easy to clean, doesn’t snag under pet claws, and washes up nicely (I also considered microfiber). And FYI, it’s not to exclusive to Pottery Barn. A lot of furniture lines offer it as an option.

The first time I saw the herringbone print in the store, I wasn’t crazy about it, because I thought it might be kind of dizzying on a large couch and way too busy, but the couch was such a good deal that I took the plunge anyway. I’m glad I did because I LOVE the print now.

It’s only been a couple days, but Tabs traipsed all over it last weekend, and I’ve yet to see a snag (knocks on wood). Time will tell how well it wears, but so far, so good.

Why a slipcovered couch?

I’m assuming that Connor and her friends will trash this couch over the next few years, and maybe someday down the line I can buy new slipcovers. You can replace the slips when they get beat up! Plus, you can remove them to wash at home when they get janky, and there are even replacement cushions available (like I said, I have no clue about furniture buying) for when they get lumpy and fall apart. Some third-party upholstery places can also make custom cushions. I’ll probably go that route in a few years, because my previous couch cushions saw their best days A LONG time ago.

What do you need/want your couch for?

I mean, of course you want to get a couch in your budget that looks pretty to your eye, but it also helped me to think about what I wanted to use the space for. Sectionals are really good for casual hanging out, like for watching TV and playing games, whereas single standalone couches are usually sleeker and more formal, making them a good choice for formal entertaining.

Yay! It was long overdue, but I’m loving the new couch. I look forward to many movie nights, books and cuddles. Thank you for helping me to finally take the plunge.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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