How Would I Describe My Relationship With My Magnifying Mirror? Answer: It’s Complicated…

Mirror, mirror

It’s the best and worst thing ever. On the one hand…my magnifying mirror is the best thing in the world.

Even better than See’s Candies — because there’s nothing better when it comes to seeking and obliterating every last errant bit of fuzz on my lids and upper lip.

Oh, and those tiny chin hairs? The extra stiff ones you can feel just under the surface but can’t see without help? Without my magnifying mirror, I’d never find them!

Plus, how would I ever be able to find those gaps in my lashes and brows, or find that perfect angle to tweak that wonky wing? A magnifying mirror is like the Hubble Space Telescope of beauty products.

On the other hand…do I really need to be so up close and personal with my pores and pigment patches, or with the lines underneath my eyes? (I find a new one every day!) Sometimes, I feel like my magnifying mirror makes mountains out of molehills, and I’d rather not be so hyper-aware of the happenings on my face.

I remind myself that it’s all just surface stuff, but sometimes when I’m looking at my lids at 10x magnification and see just how much more hooded they’re becoming over time, I think, “Well, damn. Here we go.”

Do I really need these things to be pinpointed in such closeup clarity? Probably not… Sometimes I think about ditching my magnifying mirror for good, but then I feel one of those twirly mustache hairs juuuuust beneath the surface of my face, and I run back to it faster than an Olympic sprinter going for the gold.

It’s a love/hate relationship, and not one I’m ready to quit yet.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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