How Often Do You Wear Full-On Glam Instagram-Style Makeup?

Back when I used to wear All. The. Things.

All the time? A few times a week? Once in a blue moon? Never?

I think full-on glam is a phase. I know I’ve gone through it…repeatedly. ? I think almost everyone who likes makeup goes through a glam phase. It’s like wanting a pony…

Last time I went through it (which was probably 2015), the full-on glamn-ness was so hardcore that I was wearing A LOT of makeup. I was doing ALL. THE. STEPS. too.

I was even doing the brows, where I’d fill them in with two shades of brow powder, then use pencil, then carve them out with concealer, and I mean everything was extreme.

I hardly went out in the world without any makeup on. In fact, I remember going to a spa with my friends Jen and Cindy and getting a massage while wearing a full face of makeup through the entire thing. I was THAT serious about it the last time.

It doesn’t necessarily make a ton of sense…but who cares? It was a phase. It’s what I liked.

It’s fun! I love seeing girls and guys in full-on glam because I’m just in awe of the artistry and the creativity, but, you know, I just can’t do that all the time now… I’m currently not in that phase. I think at one point in time I was watching nonstop YouTube tutorials and got it into my head that everyone everywhere wears that much makeup. I felt like my makeup skills were at their best at that time, but at least for now, full-on glam is not happening around here.

It’s been a hot second since I wore full-on glam Instagram-style makeup. I rarely do it now, but there was a time… I definitely feel like I’ve lost a step in terms of my makeup game since I stopped pushing the envelope as much, so I need to practice a bit more, but I do the best I can with the time I have.

Without a doubt, though — doing all the contouring, the bronzing, the layering, everything — pushes your skills. It’s just very time consuming, and I’m not in the ideal place to do it very often right now.

How about you? How often do you wear full-on glam Instagram-style makeup?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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