How Much Makeup Did You Wear in Your High School Senior Portrait?

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I was thinking about this the other day because Chelsea and I (She comments here on the blog! Say hi to her sometime. She speaks French, has a few furbabies, and she takes circus classes for fun.) were talking about the makeup we wore in our high school senior pics.

I was looking at mine recently, and I don’t think I was wearing any concealer at all… I was so not wearing the two things I wear every day now — actually, the three things I wear every day.

I didn’t fill in my brows (they’re completely untouched), no concealer (the horror, LOL!) and no mascara.

Like…what?! Who goes for their high school senior photos without any mascara on? THIS GIRL.

And I loved makeup back then. I don’t know what I was thinking.

I’m pretty sure I had on a little foundation and some powder, because that’s what I did back then, and I think I was also wearing blush…

I had this shade — I think it was by Covergirl — that was this peachy brown matte, and the lip!? Funny thing is, that color is something I’d total wear now. It’s a matte coppery reddish brown. I wish I could remember what it was… I think it was either Revlon or Covergirl.

I almost didn’t wear those over-sized pearl earrings. I love accessories, but I’m generally not a big jewelry person (although I do have my phases), and my mom, who lives for jewelry, was like, “You HAVE to wear some jewelry. YOU HAVE TO.” She left me some options to choose from, and I ended up grabbing what was closest, which happened to be the over-sized pearl earrings, not really thinking about like, how these pictures would follow me into my old age, LOL!

As I’m looking at this picture now, the earrings were kind of big, right?

Anyway, what makeup did you wear in your high school senior portrait? Do you remember? Were you full-on glam? Did you wear nothing but lip balm? Were you wearing any makeup at all? Let me know in the comments.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy hump day!

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