Have You Ever Tried Making Your Own Homemade Skin Care Products?

What’s cooking?

Sure, with stuff from the kitchen. I’ve done it a few times, partly out of sheer curiosity, and partly because I like to cook and experiment with food!

The first time was back in the day when I was a teenager, after I’d read about homemade skin care in a magazine (I think it was Seventeen).

The story had recipes in it for homemade face masks, toners, cleansers and things like that, and I used it to make my very own face wash with milk and lemon juice.

It smelled divine and worked well, but I eventually got tired of having to squeeze all of those lemons, so I quit doing it after about two weeks and went back to my Neutrogena bar soap, which, BTW, was all the rage in the ’90s.

These days, sometimes when I’m cooking and have the olive out out I’ll make my own lip scrub by mixing some into a thick paste with granulated sugar. Then I’ll scrub my lips with it. And uh…I may or may not end up eating a little of it when I do. ?

Have you ever tried making homemade skin care? What did you make, and how did it turn out?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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