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Talk to me about hair, babe!

At the time, I probably wouldn’t have described any of my attempts at dyeing my hair at home as “mishaps,” but looking back…every single time I dyed my hair in college could have, in fact, been characterized as a massive mishap. LOL!

Nothing ever looked quite right when I did it myself. Not then, not now. DIY at-home hair dyeing is just not my forte (which is one of the reasons I’m growing out my gray).

I think the worst incident was the time I did my own highlights and wound up with chunky, streaky orange tiger stripes. 🐯 Of course, I didn’t know any better at the time and thought I was the ish… Thank goodness this was before social media was a thing, because I would have been #hashtagging things like #chunkyhighlightsftw and #DIYtigerstripes.

I really hope your answer to this question is “no,” but just in case it isn’t, talk to me. 😁 Have you ever had an at-home hair dye mishap. If so, what happened?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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