karen gray hair four months
FYI, Salt-N-Pepa’s here.

It has been four months since the last time I dyed my hair, and I believe that I’ve reached the point when almost everyone who grows out their grays says that they want to attack something. Or someone. In other words, the point when it gets really hard.

Last week I came *this* close to booking a last-minute color appointment. Multiple times.

The biggest challenge has been figuring out what to do about my hairline, because I have a lot of gray there, and the hairs are ever-so-slightly coarser, and therefore more unruly, than the darker hairs.

Back when I was dying my hair and would find an errant gray shooting for the stars and striking out on its own, I’d just pluck it…but now I’m like, “What’s the point? It’s just gonna grow back anyway.”

Now, though, those errant hairs are also FOUR INCHES LONG. Honestly, it’s just so comical. I spend half the time laughing at myself and the other half wrangling the grays into place (a.k.a. getting my hair to look like I’m not being electrocuted). I wonder if I’m ever gonna feel good about my hair again…

Oh, and last night I barely averted hair disaster after watching a couple YouTube tutorials on how to cut your own bangs. I was standing in my bathroom with the scissors against my bangs, all set to CHOP-CHOP-CHOP. It was all happening in slow motion, too. Thankfully, I had just enough sense left to stop before it was too late. Slowly, I set down the scissors and backed away from the mirror.


On the bright side, I really like not having to dye my hair anymore. That part is liberating, but the growing out part is mostly just a pain in the @ass.

karen gray hair four months
They have a mind of their own!

Here’s something weird: Depending on which way I part the front of my hair, I either see a ton of gray or very little. Like, if I pull my hair back into a ponytail, I can really see the salt and pepper coming through. Same if I do a deep side part. But if I part my hair down the middle, or just slightly off center, I barely see any.

Lighting also makes a big difference. In some pics I take with a flash, I can barely see any gray, but pics in full sunlight? HELLO, GRAY HAIR.

Wide fabric headbands that come in different patterns and colors have been helpful. When I just can’t deal anymore, I’ll put my hair in a ponytail, and put on a headband and some hoop earrings.

Also, I have yet to figure out what to do with my hair when I want to dress up a little. I’m going with El Hub to a work party tomorrow, and I think the headband/hoops combo will be a little too casual, so I might do a big messy chunky braid? Or perhaps put on a jaunty cap…?

Hey, it works for Tabs.

Sigh! Well, I’m already four months in. Now can I make it to six? Time will tell… I want to make it to at least six months.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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