#FancyLadyThings: Christian Louboutin Goldissima Gloss

christian louboutin goldissima
Christian Louboutin Goldissima

In #FancyLadyThings Land, it’s perfectly acceptable for you — in fact, you’re encouraged — to carry a sheer $85 nude peachy golden gloss in your Goyard Bag.

Christian Louboutin’s limited edition six-piece Metalinudes Loubilaque Lip Lacquer in Goldissima came out with a six-piece shimmery metallic collection last summer that included three $85 Lip Lacquers (also known as “glosses”) and three $50 nail polishes. Even though Goldissima was a summer launch, it’s wearable all year long, ESPECIALLY if you’re heading to Bali for the holidays this year. So YAY FOR THAT. ?

Oh, it’s also still available at counters and online.

christian louboutin goldissima
Oh, hai!

Every #FancyLady needs at least one luxe lip gloss in her collection, and while a nude $85 golden peachy pink gloss would be cray-cray in the regular word, in #FancyLadyThings Land, this one is pretty fabulous.

It’s comfy, non-sticky and moisturizing, and there isn’t any grit whatsoever in the golden pearl, which is so key at any budget, right?

Even though Goldissima doesn’t feel sticky, the formula is on the thicker side. I’d say it’s even thicker than a MAC Lipglass. It stays practically glued to your lips. I get about three hours if I’m wearing it on its own or four hours on top of a lip liner.


The gloss is indubitably high quality, but you’re clearly also paying for the name — Christian Louboutin, maker of those famously expensive red-soled shoes — and the fancy packaging. Louboutin “presents” Goldissima in a huge black box stamped with the logo and lined in velvet on the inside, and the gloss tube is covered in a pattern reminiscent of mermaid scales…

christian louboutin goldissima
Even the box is fancy
christian louboutin goldissima
Details, details

The golden cap looks like found treasure from the Art Deco era, and I half expected it to have the heft of real metal, but alas…it’s plastic. On the top of the cap, there’s also a loop through which you can thread the sheer golden ribbon that comes with the gloss, which I’m presuming makes it that much easier to hang from the rearview mirror of the white Lambo you just bought for your budding sports car collection. ?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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