mac powder kiss
The eight new shades of MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks, $19 each

Ain’t no party like a lip flake party ’cause a lip flake party don’t stop!

Whoa, Nelly! So I tried the new MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick colors today. They join the 16 shades that are already in the permanent line, and despite the crossing of many fingers and toes that my lip flakes wouldn’t crash this swatch soiree, alas…they did.

Lip flakes —> Party crashers!

It’s entirely my fault, to be fair, because I haven’t been drinking enough water, and whenever that happens, I can pretty much kiss (ha ha) any chance of smooth lip swatches g’bye.

The MAC Powder Kisses, which are a relatively new formula in the MAC fam, feel lighter than air. The Powder Kisses themselves were added to the permanent line in the fall of 2018, and if your lips are in perfect shape (as in no flakes), they’re kind of amaze-balls. They’re super comfy and ever-so-slightly moisturizing, and it’s easy to forget I’m wearing them.

And the velvet matte finish? Gorgeous! — a la hottie 1940’s pin-up girl.

From this new batch of colors, I’d steer clear of the pinks (Reverence and Sexy But Sweet), because they’re patchy right out of the gate, and I end up having to do a lot of patting and layering and babying to get them to look smooth…

Instead, go for one of brighter or deeper colors, which are less likely to settle into fine lines or draw attention to any flakes. I like Sultry Move (the bright rosy brown); Werk, Werk, Werk (the cool toned red); and Velvet Punch (a bright, cool fuchsia) the best as they’re the most pigmented of the bunch.

One layer, and I’m good.

mac powder kiss new shades february 2019
Which one do you like best?
mac sexy but sweet
Yellow-toned pink MAC Sexy, But Sweet
mac ripened
MAC Ripened, a grayish lavender
mac p for potent
MAC P for Potent, a mid-toned purple

mac velvet punch
MAC Velvet Punch, a bright, cool-toned fuchsia
mac sultry move
MAC Sultry Move, a bright rosy brown
mac werk werk werk
Cool red MAC Werk, Werk, Werk
mac stay curious
MAC Stay Curious, a muted pinky red
mac reverence
MAC Reverence, a soft, yellow pink

The Powder Kiss Lipsticks are $19 each, last about two hours on my lips, and taste and smell like classic MAC vanilla.


By the by, did you catch the special matte packaging? Nice touch, right?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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