Digital Dozen does Throwback week – Day 4

It’s late, I just got home from a night out with friends watching a movie and I still need to get a blog post up.  Arrgggh, this is when blogging commitments make nail art feel like work!  
Day 4 and I bring you a recreation of a mani done by Ashley is PolishAddicted from back in 2015, during the Digital Dozen Food prompt week.  I like M&Ms, bu the truth is I’ll go for a savoury snack over a sweet one nine times out of ten! But when I say Ashley’s colourful design, I totally fell in love it it and had to recreate it.
Would you believe that I was done with the mani, photographed and everything when I sat down to watch some TV and looked at my nails.  Something wasn’t quite right about them, then I realised I;d done all my multiple layers of dots and forgotten to do the blue ones!  That’s why the blue ones are just plonked on top!

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