Digital Dozen does Throwback week – Day 2

Today I’m doing a throwback to February 2015 when Digital Dozen prompt was Pattern on Pattern. A recent mani I saw on Instagram by @lieve91 inspired me to try my own pattern on pattern design. If you don’t already follow @lieve91, you really should. Her freehand work is truly amazing. My leaves on black and white aren’t a patch on hers, and you really have to check out the freehand Homer Simpson she painted last month.
I used a DRK Cogobo 2 plate for the black stamping on the white base. I painted the leaves using nail polish, and again I’ll say that I would probably have been better off painting the leaves with acrylic paint, but meh, I have so many polishes, in so many shades that I always just use polish instead of acrylic paints.

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