Chanel Holiday 2017: Rouge Allure and Rouge Allure Velvet Lipsticks From the LIBRE 2017 NUMÉROS ROUGES Holiday Collection

chanel collection libre numeros rouges no-2
Enrapturing raspberry red! Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick No. 2 from the Chanel Holiday 2017 Collection Libre Numéros Rouges

Girl, if you invited me over to your house to look at your makeup collection (because — hi, isn’t that a normal thing? In my mind it is…), and you opened up a drawer with just, like, red lipsticks, and all of them looked more or less the same, I’d be like, “Hello! Hallelujah! We’re high-fiving a million little angles right now, because you’re doing it right!” OK? Because when you’re a red lipstick lover, none of them are the same, and you appreciate all of the nuances.

That’s the first thing I’d say. The second thing I’d say is “Let’s go to Chanel right now, because you will freak out over the lipsticks in the Chanel holiday collection.”

chanel collection libre 2017 numeros rouges 1 2 3
Crimson cravings… From the left: No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3.

There are four of them, and the swooning starts as soon as you see the packaging. They’re all Rouge Allures, $37 each, with the same signature featherweight formula (couple different finishes, though), and they come in gorgeous gold limited edition tubes with red lacquered caps (yes, they have that classic and very satisfying Rouge Allure *click* when you press them).

chanel collection libre 2017 numeros rouges caps

If you like to wear lipstick but don’t like to feel it on your lips, Rouge Allure is the way to go. The formula is… I don’t want to call it thin, because that implies that it doesn’t last long, and these last 2-3 hours for me, or at least until I eat or drink something. They last longer than usual for lightweight lipsticks, and that’s another thing I love. Also, because they’re Chanel, oh, yeah… They taste and smell Like ? roses.

Also from Chanel Holiday 2017

Nos. 1 and 4 have the classic creamy Rouge Allure finish, while Nos. 2 and 3 have the matte-ish Rouge Allure Velvet finish, which has a whisper of shine.

I’ve been testing three of the four — 1, 2 and 3 — and I’m completely obsessed with No. 2, a Rouge Allure Velvet with a raspberry undertone (I’m wearing it in the top pic).

chanel collection libre numeros rouges no-1
No. 1

To the uninterested eye, all four of these probably look mostly the same (red), but they aren’t. There are definitely deliciously subtle differences, so when your significant other is like, “They’re the same,” you can say, “Nuh-uh, honey! No. 1 is a true red with a creamy finish, No. 2 is a raspberry red with a velvety matte finish, No. 3 is a brownish red with a velvety matte finish, and No. 4 is an orange red with a creamy finish.” You can break it down like that. ?

chanel collection libre numeros rouges no-3
No. 3

For me, No. 2 is #1. It’s the brightest, the most playful, and the most striking one. I’m all about that blue undertone, too. I think it pops on my warm skin, and I also think it makes your pearly whites look brighter.

All four of these luscious lipsticks are over at Chanel right now. At the very least, you’ve gotta swatch No. 2. It’s worth it.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. The weather is saying there’s a big storm coming! It’s supposed to get here around 8… I’m both a little excited and anxious. Is that weird? First big storm of the season. ?

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