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This post is sponsored by ALMAY at Walgreens, and I received product samples and compensation for my time and effort creating it. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are always my own. #ad #AlmayTrueYou @walgreens

I think one of the cooler things about getting older, among the less cool things like randomly waking up two hours before dawn and having achy knees before a storm, is how we keep getting to know ourselves better, and how we’re always discovering new sides to our personality.

I mean, deep down inside, I know who I am, and that core Karen stays pretty much the same. But, over time I find new things about myself that I never knew existed, like, it wasn’t until I met Tabs in my 30s that I realized I was a full-on crazy cat lady!

The idea of embracing the different sides of your personality, many of them as yet undiscovered, is at the center of the new #AlmayTrueYou campaign. It’s all about expressing your individuality through makeup that enhances your uniqueness, but doesn’t cover up the true you.

I’m sure you’re familiar with ALMAY, and you’ve seen them at Walgreens. The brand is famous for their hypoallergenic formulas and their more natural look, so even if you’re wearing makeup, you still look like you, and not like a completely different person.

Heads up, smart shoppers! As we speak, all ALMAY products are buy 2, get 1 free at Walgreens through March 24th, 2018.

It’s a look I’ve been into lately. It’s still me, but, like, zhuzhed up with extra flair. ???

ALMAY just launched a nifty new line of eyeshadow quads called the Almay Shadow Squad™. They’re only about $6.99 each, and each one comes with a matte, a glitter, a metallic and a satin finish square in the same shade. There are 15 shades in the line, ranging from everyday neutrals to trendy brights. So, there’s a lot to choose from.

I like them, especially because they are Opthamologist tested, don’t irritate my sensitive eyes or make them itch or tear up. I also like having all four soft, easy-to-blend finishes in one place. They’re surprisingly flexible. It’s easy to pick one up and do an entire look from start to finish…but I also like grabbing a few and custom blending to whip up unique finishes (which is so totally my style, and what I’m doing in the three #AlmayTrueYou looks below).

So, as has been well documented in the O.M.R. (Official Makeup Record), I’m a beauty addict, a mom, and a friend to the felines, but you may not know that I’m also…

1. A boss baker

At least I am in my head. ? And I’m getting better all the time. I hope to be a super boss baker ?‍??? someday.

I love to bake, and I obsessively save recipes and pictures of cakes and cupcakes… I’m working toward the dream of baking a three-tiered wedding cake from scratch and piping that frosting to perfection. That day will come eventually, mark my words!

My boss baker look is inspired by dark chocolate cupcakes with hot pink sprinkles…

almay eyeshadow 180 ambition

almay baker look 1
Add one cup ALMAY and blend…

almay baker look 1 eye

For these chocolaty eyelids, I used two different Shadow Squads — a cool brown 110 Cause a Stir and a neutral brown 230 Own It.

I mixed the matte shades with the satins, then applied them on my lids with a wet brush.

QUICK TIP: After you apply powder eyeshadow with a wet brush, wait till the shadow is completely dry before you blend, because dry powder eyeshadow is always easier to blend than wet powder eyeshadow.

2. A karaoke queen

I’m a karaoke ???‍? queen, in my head. I love to sing. Any time, any place, I’m down to hop on the microphone and belt out I’ve Had the Time of My Life — thanks Bill Medley and Jennifer Warner for that catchy tune!

I don’t go out to karaoke nearly enough these days (because, hi, toddler life), but when I do go, I like to glam it up. Here’s a taupe smoky look I’d totally wear…

almay eyeshadow karoake queen look 1
Anything and everything can be a microphone.

almay eyeshadows eye makeup remover

I used a few different Shadow Squads, again mixing the colors in each — a beige 140 Here Goes Nothing on my brow bone, a brown 120 Never Settle in my crease, and 180 Ambition on my lids and lower lash lines.

QUICK TIP: When doing smoky eyes, do you eyeshadow before your foundation, powder, etc., because then you can clean up any fallout using eye makeup remover, without messing up your face makeup. To clean my under-eye area in this look, I used ALMAY Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads (about $8.49).

almay eye makeup remover pads

3. A gardening girl

This was something I learned about myself in college in my 20s. I found out I had a green thumb after taking a botany class and doing an experiment involving pollinating walnut trees (side note: that’s where I learned how to use farm equipment).

I still struggle with orchids, though…

Nowadays, you can usually find me tending to the large collection of potted plants on my deck on spring and summer weekends.

The colors in my garden inspired this teal and gold look. I’m wearing a vivid teal 160 Thrill Seeker and a warm gold 150 Pure Gold, Baby.

QUICK TIP: If you want to wear bright eyeshadow, but you don’t have a clue what to do or how to do it, start with something easier, like using the shadow as a liner applied on your upper lash line using an angled brush.

almay eyeshadow gardening look
You’ll always find me rockin’ a hat when I’m gardening.

almay eyeshadow gardening look eye

almay eyeshadow 160 thrill seeker

almay eyeshadow 150 pure gold

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Are you a community theater star? A volunteer? A motorcycle mama? An apprentice stylist? What parts of your personality do you like to celebrate and which Almay Shadow Squad would you use to show each part?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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